Saturday, January 30, 2010

I hate my iPhone

yes, you read it right.

I have used the phone for a full year now, i have the 3G one. And now am ready to move on, it was innovative and got all the other phone makers off their asses but now im done with it.

There are two things that make me hate the iPhone; AT&T and technical issues that arent addressed by Apple. AT&T 3G's service is crap, its really slow and spotty. It is really really slow, the company knows it... they should lower their price because you can hardly use it. Not to mention that phone calls get dropped all the time, and very often people cant hear you. Ive been getting a lot of calls where the callers voice is scrambled and all i hear is white-noise.

The other thing that really upsets me about the phone is that it has some serious glitches, like when the phone rings it makes my laptop lose its wireless connection. Battery life is really short, too bad they never made the battery replaceable. Not being able to plug in external storage cards really sucks too. I really miss being able to drag and drop files. Having to sync with a computer is just not right, wireless sync should be used.

These are among the many complaints i have. This is not to say that the iPhone has a lot of great features, but other phones are catching up to it in providing PDA type of utilities. My final words on the iPhone are that it is a shitty phone, but a great PDA.