Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0

Apple has just released the 3.0 software update... though at first i thought i had bricked it because it wasnt responding, it did the software and firmware upgrade without a problem. Just sync'd my S9 Bluetooth headphones and they work amazingly well. Im very happy with the update. two other items i tried and worked really well are the voice notes and copy-and-paste. The stocks app its got some new features and are really helpful. I will have to see over the long term if the news section it pulls up is actually relevant.

It seems the signal from the bluetooth is stronger and crisper from the iPhone than from the MacBook Pro, very interesting. The MBP seemed to pick up a lot of static and the iPhone is very clear. The bluetooth headphone controls arent all working, you can control play and pause but not skip or return. maybe they will fix this glitch. when you are using the bluetooth headphones the volume control is hidden in the iTunes app.

Its great that a lot more apps support the widescreen keyboard for typing.


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