Monday, October 20, 2008

Rest In Peace, John McGraham

On Oct 9th night... someone trew gasoline on this poor homeless man, and set him on fire. he lived on 3rd street, and died at the hands someone bent on proving how caloused they were. well they succeeded, they proved they were the most caloused people in Lost Angeles. Also, proved how ignorant and stupid people can become. This act was a few steps below the mass executions of the Nazis, the Khmer Rouge, and the all infamous mass murderers of history. They didnt just kill an innocent man, they proved that humanity isnt any better today. Regardless of how you feel about a homeless man, you have to admit to yourself that killing of an innocent man makes us all more vulnerable. Morality decays all the more faster when acts like this happen. We should all worry that these individuals are still on the loose.


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