Monday, January 09, 2012

Added a photo gallery from 2010 of Downtown Lost Angeles

Took the metro to downtown to visit the Angel's Flight trolley, and took some nice shots of downtown.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I love my Android phone

As you can see from my previous post... I was just about had it with the iPhone. So I switched to an Android phone. I got a Galaxy S Captivate, still from AT&T. Same network, same plan - only difference being the device - And what a difference! I can make calls, I don't have calls drop, I don't have static and all kinds of weird interference.

Not to mention, the Android interface is more of what I expect. I prefer the drag-and-drop over sync'ing with iTunes, even though it does sync with my iTunes library. I am able to put ring tones however I please, create them on the phone for free! Try that with an iPhone, all don'ts where the Android has yes's.

Though people might not be convinced to leave their iPhone, I for one will never go back to it. Too stifled for my taste. I'd rather not leave my choices up to Mr Jobs. I want to modify and customize as I please, thank you very much.

Just the ability to make phone calls should be reason enough to switch. People would get very upset at me when I would repeatedly try and call them from my iPhone, it was embarrassing. Image quality is awesome, great camera, video camera... not to mention video playback is awesome. I can't wait to see what the Galaxy S II brings.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I hate my iPhone

yes, you read it right.

I have used the phone for a full year now, i have the 3G one. And now am ready to move on, it was innovative and got all the other phone makers off their asses but now im done with it.

There are two things that make me hate the iPhone; AT&T and technical issues that arent addressed by Apple. AT&T 3G's service is crap, its really slow and spotty. It is really really slow, the company knows it... they should lower their price because you can hardly use it. Not to mention that phone calls get dropped all the time, and very often people cant hear you. Ive been getting a lot of calls where the callers voice is scrambled and all i hear is white-noise.

The other thing that really upsets me about the phone is that it has some serious glitches, like when the phone rings it makes my laptop lose its wireless connection. Battery life is really short, too bad they never made the battery replaceable. Not being able to plug in external storage cards really sucks too. I really miss being able to drag and drop files. Having to sync with a computer is just not right, wireless sync should be used.

These are among the many complaints i have. This is not to say that the iPhone has a lot of great features, but other phones are catching up to it in providing PDA type of utilities. My final words on the iPhone are that it is a shitty phone, but a great PDA.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Work work work...

A long ways from when I started here at

When I started I was given the duty of fixing broken sites, then updating forgotten sites.

Some of them like the Chris Matthews page were long forgotten, copyright dates were 2 years expired and none of the links worked. Went in and fixed it all up then the show took it over... success. Other sites just had lots of broken link and broken code to the point that the page was blank on the browsers. fixed them all up and got them running again.

Next came a whole sleuth of sites, NBCUniCareers, NBCUNI, TheMoreYouKnow, Green Initiative, NBCUOnTheSet, VirtualNBC, etc.

The Careers site was a lot of work, when i got the project NBC and Universal had separate careers sites. when the companies merged, I had the pleasure of coordinating both companies HR's departments and GE Corporate HR to merge them into one. Yup spend lots of days sitting in meetings to work things out... but today its only one site with multiple points of entry.

Sites like Universal HD and SleuthTV were long forgotten, really ancient code. I went in and reformatted the sites, brought them back to life, then the networks took interest in them and actually put money on the table to redesign them.

Then came the most fun of these, and one of my bigger projects at the time, ChillerTV. Was there to launch a network from the ground up. Had great success, tried many formulas to get the site firmly grounded. Had the opportunity to run contests and build social clubs with great success. I still talk to other divisions and they know the great success that the Chiller user submitted movie contest was *(Dare To Direct).

I gained nough experience to be given my current projects, The Jay Leno Show site, and Jay Lenos Garage. I believe these will be my best work yet... stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0

Apple has just released the 3.0 software update... though at first i thought i had bricked it because it wasnt responding, it did the software and firmware upgrade without a problem. Just sync'd my S9 Bluetooth headphones and they work amazingly well. Im very happy with the update. two other items i tried and worked really well are the voice notes and copy-and-paste. The stocks app its got some new features and are really helpful. I will have to see over the long term if the news section it pulls up is actually relevant.

It seems the signal from the bluetooth is stronger and crisper from the iPhone than from the MacBook Pro, very interesting. The MBP seemed to pick up a lot of static and the iPhone is very clear. The bluetooth headphone controls arent all working, you can control play and pause but not skip or return. maybe they will fix this glitch. when you are using the bluetooth headphones the volume control is hidden in the iTunes app.

Its great that a lot more apps support the widescreen keyboard for typing.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my S9 headphones... yay! really work

My S9 bluetooth headphones rock!

I had been using wired headphones and yanking them on a regular basis till they came up with bluetooth stereo headphones...

My first pair (see entry below) were short lived since it fell apart right away. And the quality sucked.

These S9 headphones are really good, sound is very acceptable *wired headphones are better.

they sync to my MacBook Pro easily and stay connected which was a problem with my previous pair. Battery life is exceptionally long, 5-6 hours on a charge. about 30 feet range wich works great when you are working around the room near your source. I had purchased (separately) a bluetooth dongle for hooking it up to a Winblow$ XP machine and that worked too... too bad i lost the dongle since it was tiny.

I recomend to anyone looking for wireless headphones, these are great. Not audiophile quality sound but it's very clear and lightweight. for me the behind the ear positioning isnt bad, while some people had mentioned that they dont like behind the ear headphones.

it also works great as a bluetooth headset for phones, but it really its a shame that stupid Apple hasnt released bluetooth headphone codecs yet. they said it will be included in iPhone 3.o software update but we will see. I really want to sync it with my iPhone to listen to music and podcasts.

I say this is something everyone NEEDS.


  • Wireless music
  • Lightweight. Barely 1 oz, probably lighter than your keys!
  • Discreet. Behind-the-head wearing style
  • Never miss a call. Music mutes or pauses when calls come in
  • Control music and calls from the headphones
  • Stable and secure fit. Small 13mm speakers for better comfort and fit on the ear
  • Durable. Sweat and water resistant for active conditions
  • Long play time. Up to 6 hrs of music play from a single charge

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is just hillarious, why didn't anyone post this kind of video before the election. If people saw what a mumbling idiot he is, there would have been a more fair coverage of the elections. we have been fooled into electing a complete fool to run the country, and by "we" i mean you idiots who voted for him.

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