Monday, November 24, 2008

Fresh & Easy

Went shopping for the first time at this small market near my house. Been kinda sick of shopping at Ralphs and all their bullshit, and the local hispanic markets. One, Ralphs sucks when it comes to their prices (ridiculously expensive), the cashiers are rude, always have shady characters asking for money at the door and throught the parking lot... yes, i live in Lost Angeles.
Two, hispanic markets have slightly lower prices, but boy, they feel like you are in a third world country... dirty, unorganized and everything looks like it's on its last day before expiration. (That's another thing, i've bought milk at Ralphs several times thats been after its expiration date) So this brings me to my point, Fresh & Easy, i walked in expecting really expensive individually packaged produce... but i just had to check it out. To my surprise, really inexpensive and great produce. The store was really clean and well organized. Great selection of produce. must note that they do one thing, and not try and have a pharmacy or hardware depts. I was surprised at the "Green" emphasis and "Organic" selections. The checkout was somewhat puzzling, its like the Home Depot's self check-out. But I think I will be shopping there from now on. = )



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