Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Work work work...

A long ways from when I started here at

When I started I was given the duty of fixing broken sites, then updating forgotten sites.

Some of them like the Chris Matthews page were long forgotten, copyright dates were 2 years expired and none of the links worked. Went in and fixed it all up then the show took it over... success. Other sites just had lots of broken link and broken code to the point that the page was blank on the browsers. fixed them all up and got them running again.

Next came a whole sleuth of sites, NBCUniCareers, NBCUNI, TheMoreYouKnow, Green Initiative, NBCUOnTheSet, VirtualNBC, etc.

The Careers site was a lot of work, when i got the project NBC and Universal had separate careers sites. when the companies merged, I had the pleasure of coordinating both companies HR's departments and GE Corporate HR to merge them into one. Yup spend lots of days sitting in meetings to work things out... but today its only one site with multiple points of entry.

Sites like Universal HD and SleuthTV were long forgotten, really ancient code. I went in and reformatted the sites, brought them back to life, then the networks took interest in them and actually put money on the table to redesign them.

Then came the most fun of these, and one of my bigger projects at the time, ChillerTV. Was there to launch a network from the ground up. Had great success, tried many formulas to get the site firmly grounded. Had the opportunity to run contests and build social clubs with great success. I still talk to other divisions and they know the great success that the Chiller user submitted movie contest was *(Dare To Direct).

I gained nough experience to be given my current projects, The Jay Leno Show site, and Jay Lenos Garage. I believe these will be my best work yet... stay tuned.