Saturday, February 02, 2008

Feb 2008

gezuz it sux being single.... holy cow!! No wonder people pay lots of cash to get purchase wives... well, not that, it is right, just saying... I don't condone it, but "i can understand why" (in a Chris Rock voice). So, year is off to a shaky start, continued.... hmmm. But! I have a feeling something good is around the corner, I think I might win the Lotto this year (Note to self, buy more lotto tickets.. no wait, start buying lotto tickets). In fact, I should cheer up, im close to another yearly raise. Not that they break the bank and trample over each other in giving me more money, but every little helps. I had a conversation with my tax man today, and he was pointing out the long ways I've come. He has known me for a long time. And in fact, yes, i have made a lot of headways in this life. (yeah yeah, lets forget for a minute all the monumental errors I've made).

All in all, life is good, but just full of potholes... gezuz, if anyone is reading this, just be forewarned there are some huge pitfalls in the road of life... some can swallow up an 18wheeler.

LIFE: to be continued.