Thursday, September 04, 2008

Firefox add ons

As an avid web user... I come across all kinds of stuff on the net. For the most part it is safe for your computer to surf just about anywhere. But everynow and then you see a pop up that wants to install something on your system. Thankfully I am using a mac and a.) i get a pop up that something wants to attach itself to my system, b.) its usually a PC virus as a .exe that just bounces off. Since seeing that kind of stuff I am less likely to use my PC's for browsing, browse on a mac specially if youa re going to sites unknown... I read this very interesting article on privacy, click here. And began installing add-ons to my firefox browser. I can't wait till Google Chrome is available for the Mac, seems to do a lot of things i want. They mention IE has a lot of built in safety but M$ has a shitty history of putting things together. Since Chrome is a memory hog and IE sux, i would go with Firefox and just install a few blocking plug-ins. Surf away but do it safely, nothing worse than a virus infested machine.