Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I love my Android phone

As you can see from my previous post... I was just about had it with the iPhone. So I switched to an Android phone. I got a Galaxy S Captivate, still from AT&T. Same network, same plan - only difference being the device - And what a difference! I can make calls, I don't have calls drop, I don't have static and all kinds of weird interference.

Not to mention, the Android interface is more of what I expect. I prefer the drag-and-drop over sync'ing with iTunes, even though it does sync with my iTunes library. I am able to put ring tones however I please, create them on the phone for free! Try that with an iPhone, all don'ts where the Android has yes's.

Though people might not be convinced to leave their iPhone, I for one will never go back to it. Too stifled for my taste. I'd rather not leave my choices up to Mr Jobs. I want to modify and customize as I please, thank you very much.

Just the ability to make phone calls should be reason enough to switch. People would get very upset at me when I would repeatedly try and call them from my iPhone, it was embarrassing. Image quality is awesome, great camera, video camera... not to mention video playback is awesome. I can't wait to see what the Galaxy S II brings.

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Anonymous Yolie Bear said...

Lucky ! Sounds like an awesome phone with some pretty cool features. Id love a phone with Android . I just cabt seenm to keep up with the technology now these days .

Oh a glad u can hear clearly through this phone. =)

10:31 PM  

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